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Plastering is our core business, our boss Jason loves a good smooth plaster finish, we all do. Take a look at the pics below and call us if you think we can help.

A little plastering tale.

Back in the early days of Mirror Image Plastering, we took on a number of clients in the West Essex area. A few of our early clients moved coastward and contacted us to see if we'd be willing to renovate and repair their new houses. As we knew the clients we felt a certain level of commitment so we took on their jobs.

Whilst we were there we stayed in various "digs" and as most of our work was very visible, locals would ask if we could take on some of their work too. Often we'd spend many weeks in far-flung places such as Clacton, Gt Yarmouth and Norwich. There are obviously disadvantages to this way of working such as long periods away from home but we now have an excellent network of happy clients from 6 counties in the East of England and the work so far keeps on coming.

Gradually we've taken on larger and larger projects and currently we are working on a monster of a house in Caister-On-Sea (Pics to follow). We're learning all sorts of new skills on this one, such as swimming pool plastering and SpeedSkim - a product that enables you to cover huge areas in about 1/3 less time than usual.

Every day is a challenge and every new product we try out improves the skills we have to offer to you.

Jason Steel CEO.