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There's nothing worse than an unfinished floor. It's hard to walk on, it looks messy and you can't keep it clean!   Give us a call and we'll come over and sort your floor out quickly.   All our floors are flat, level and strong and finished in a range of materials from traditional concrete screeds to fast-set screed, liquid screed, Gyvlon and Tarmac TruScreed. All our floors are laid with pride.

Understanding Screed

When you see a screeded floor you may not give it much thought, but there are a few things you should consider.

The usual way to screed a floor is to cover the enitre area in apx 2.5" of sand/cement screed, this, for most applications works well but if you're screeding over underfloor heating then this may not be the most thermally efficent (in terms of heating costs) way of covering your floor. When screeding over underfloor heating you want the screed to be as thin as possible, that way there's less to heat up. Gyvlon floor screed comes in liquid form and can be laid at a depth of 1" and is far stronger than sand/cement. However this approach may not suit everyone as it's a little more expensive.

Truscreed and Truscreed HD are strong and abrasion resistant, these high quality screeds are ideal for all common floor finishes. They can also be used in sound and thermal insulation and weight-reduction applications.

For information on any of our screeds including those not mentioned here, please call us for a chat.